Monday, May 23, 2011

Aaron's Birthday

Aaron turned 35 on May 19. I got a bunch of cake pans from my mom, so I thought I'd try making him a frog cake. Aaron thought that was a good idea, but only if I made a red velvet cake. So, that's what I did.

My mom always made cool cakes when we were a kid. I didn't realize then how much work went into them. My hand was so sore by the time I was done making all the little green stars that covered the frog part of the cake. I definately need more practice if I decide to try something like this again. The cake turned out ok, but I forgot to save some white frosting for the eyes. Oh well.

Aaron was happy with it and that's all that matters. The kids loved that it was red when we cut into it (cuz it looked like blood).

Sara took some goofy kid pictures while I was cutting up the cake.

All Aaron wanted for his birthday was a set of golf clubs. He even told his family he just wanted money so he could buy some.

He got some balls and tees and finally some golf clubs from Sara! They weren't what he was hoping for, but the kids thought they were cool.

I had bought golf clubs a couple weeks before this and has left them at Sara's. She brought them over the night of his party and left them in her trunk. After the presents were opened and the kids were playing, I told Aaron he needed to get a small bookshelf out of Sara's trunk that she was giving to us. He grudgingly went outside to get them and got a surprise!

Now he was finally smiling! Hopefully he'll be able to find some time to play. We're going to be pretty busy fixing up the house the next couple of months.

Fun Run

Today was the Fun Run put on by Logan City School District. All the 4th and 5th grade students from 6 elementary schools get together to run. I haven't had a 4th/5th grader in Logan School District before, so I didn't know much about it (Ashley was in Cache County School District in elementary school, so we missed out on this with her). All I knew was that Austin was excited about it, but he didn't tell me I should come to it.

I got a call this morning from the secretary at Ellis this morning and learned that Austin won first place in his heat. So I headed over to Adams Park for the awards ceremony. The streets were blocked off, there were hundreds of 4th and 5th graders everywhere and each school was wearing a different colored t-shirt. That's when I realized that the Fun Run is a BIG deal for the kids.

The 4th grade boys ran in 3 heats. Austin was the winner of his heat. His good friend, Tristen, came in 2nd place.

Austin got a gold medal and Tristen got silver.

He was pretty excited about winning.

Yep, I'm proud of my goofy kid!