Monday, March 14, 2011

Unexpected Thursday

Nowadays, you only need to leave stitches in for 5 days. Doctors like to pull them out before you get Frankenstein scars. So we went in on Wednesday afternoon and got Abbie's stiches out. The nurse put a little piece of surgical tape on her head where it bled and pulled apart a little as he took the stitches out. She was suppose to leave it on for a few days. Yeah, right. She pulled it off the next morning at preschool. Turns out that should have been the least of my worries that day.

Later that night, I went to my first Zumba class with my sister. Oh my gosh, that was a workout. I have no idea how the teacher can move like that!! The class was at 8 pm, so I got home a little after 9. I was sitting upstairs on the bed talking to Aaron, when I hear Ashley downstairs yell, "Mom! Abbie's bleeding!" So Aaron and I run downstairs, and Abbie's face is covered in blood. Apparently, she had moved the computer chair over to the entertainment center to try to get Austin's sucker off one of the top shelves, fell, and smacked her head on the shelves as she came down. Yep, our second trip to the ER in less than a week.

When we're checking into the ER, Aaron notices that it's not only her eye area that's bleeeding. There's blood on the back of her head. She had a puncture wound where she must have hit a corner. Yikes. The nurse who takes us back says, "You look really familiar. Weren't you just here the other day?" Yep, it's the same nurse we had on our last trip to the ER and she wasn't the only person to make a similar comment.

Abbie was smiling as usual and chatting it up with the nurses and doctor. I thought she would have been tired since it was after 10 pm by the time we were all settled in the room.

She managed to hit her head just right so that she pretty much had to get stitches where she just had them removed from her eyebrow. What are the chances of that?

We finally got to leave the hospital just after 1 am and little Abbie has 9 more stitches: 8 on her face and one on the back of her head. Yes, Aaron and I discussed putting her in a bubble or wrapping her in bubblewrap.

Here she is Friday morning, showing off her swollen eye. She never complains and always insists that it doesn't hurt. She's really good about making sure I put the antibiotic ointment on a couple times a day.

Here she is Sunday morning, sporting a nice black eye. It's getting more colorful as time goes by.

Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing else will happen. You would think she would calm down a little after all this, but she's still full of energy. My sister-in-law and her family came over for dinner on Friday night, and Abbie spent all night chasing after her cousins. Crazy kid. And just for the record, I do NOT beat my child! Just felt that I needed to say that. :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Unexpected Friday

Yesterday, we found out the home we put an offer on back in October and were outbid on, is now back on the market. So today we met with our mortgage guy and our realtor. As we were leaving the house, Abbie ran to the car and fell face first onto the road. Ouch! I was talking to the realtor, so Ashley got Abbie. There was blood all over her face. Aaron ran over and determined a trip to the ER was in order.

Once we got to the hospital, Abbie had calmed down. She got to put on the wonderful hopsital gown and the RN brought her in a TV and a Barbie movie. She was excited about that.

She was even in the mood to smile for the camera phone while giving Daddy a hug. She really is a tough little thing.

Ashley wanted to watch the Barbie movie too. Apparently she has the sountrack to Barbie the Princess and the Pauper and knew the words to all the songs. (Yes, I was laughing about that).

Abbie was sedated while the doctor cleaned out her gashes and stitched her up. Aaron and Ashley watched, and I was happy to sit on the other side of the room. It took 6 stitches in her forehead and 4 on her eyebrow to fix her up. Watching her coming out of sedation was pretty funny. She kept asking what happened to her eyes (they were twitching and she couldn't really focus on anything). After spending two hours in the ER, they finally let us go home.
I thought for sure that Abbie would fall right to sleep since it was 7:30 pm and she hasn't napped today. But she's wide awake, watching a movie. She's in her pajamas, wrapped up in her blanket, and cuddling with her unicorn.

She has some road rash on her face too and might end up with a black eye. Poor little girl. She's happy now, but we'll see what happens when the pain killer wears off.

Her brothers should be home soon. They'll probably think her stitches are pretty cool. I certainly didn't expect to spend my Friday night like this. Kids sure make life interesting!