Tuesday, May 12, 2009

He finally gets to play!

Austin finally got to play his first soccer game on Saturday! He was pretty excited. It's his first year playing positions, and he missed most of the practices to learn them, but he caught on pretty quick. He's the youngest and smallest on the team, but he's doing great!

He spent the first quarter playing goalie. Only one ball got past him.

While he played soccer, the other kids were throwing around a football with their dad. Ashley has a pretty good arm on her.

It's funny to watch Andrew throw left handed. He's got a good arm on him too.

Abbie wouldn't throw the ball. She always walked over and handed it to Andrew.

I'm so glad the weather is finally cooperating. This was the first nice weekend we've had in a while. Maybe spring is finally here to stay!

Austin's baptism

On May 2, 2009, Austin was baptized and became a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was baptized and confirmed by my brother, Jim. It just so happened that my niece, Grace, was getting baptized on the same day, so we had Austin baptized in her stake.

Austin and Uncle Jim (aka Uncle Jungle Jim)

Jim, Austin, Grace, and Sean

Cousins...what a fun memory for them

Skyler, Rachel, and Raeyne

All of my mom's grandkids...Kaden, Austin, Landon, Andrew, Abbie, Ashley, and Raeyne (7 reasons for her to move to Utah!!)

Jim and Tasha with Kaden and Landon

Unfortunately, Abbie was sick the weekend all weekend.
Poor baby.

My mom flew out from Pennsylvania for the weekend so she could be at the baptism. I'm so proud of Austin for making the decision to be baptized.