Monday, June 8, 2009

Wienie Roast...

In May, we had a wienie roast with my brother and his family. I love hanging out with them.

Here's my nephew, Landon, getting ready to go down the slide in the backyard.

This is his little brother, Kaden. What a cutie!

Abbie was not excited to get stuck in the playpen with her cousin. She loves her freedom!

Cooking the last of the hot dogs and working on the smores.

Of course, I have to get some embarrassing ones on here of my family. Here's Tasha enjoying her smore...

and Aaron devouring a hot dog...

and Ashley make a complete mess with her smore. Aah, good times.

This is Jim and Tasha's dog, Peanut. She is the only dog that I like (no, I'm not a dog person at all. I've got a cat).

This is their cat, Patch. She thought she'd finish up the hotdogs the kids didn't finish eating.

I'm looking forward to the next get together!

Austin's Field Trip

I took the day off on May 15th and went on Austin's field trip to Willow Park Zoo. He was so excited for me to go with him. He insisted that I ride the bus with him. I haven't ridden on a school bus since I was in school, but I've never ridden one with 75 2nd graders. That's an experience!

Willow Park Zoo is a very small zoo. It consists of mostly birds, but there are a couple coyotes, deer, monkeys, and other assorted small animals. The first thing on the agenda was a presentation. The zoo lady showed the kids a snake, an albino hedgehog, and a parrot.

My favorite was the albino hedgehog. He was comfortably curled up in a little ball and didn't want to come out to play.

She even ran him under some water to try to wake him up. I guess he usually likes to splash in the water, but it didn't work. He did wiggle around a little which had the kids giggling.

After the presentation, we ate lunch at the pavillion. Then I had to take the three kids I was in charge of around the zoo. They had a paper they had to fill out with all the different kind of animals they saw. The boys favorite thing was the turtles. I couldn't believe how many turtles we saw. They were everywhere!

After we made it through the zoo, we headed to the playground. Nothing like having hundreds of kids wandering around and playing. Apparently we weren't the only ones there on a school field trip.

Here's my little Austin climbing on the top of the round slide.

The Three Freaks
This is what I called Austin, Garrett and Humberto.
They thought it was pretty funny.

After the playing on the playground for almost an hour, it was time to head back to school. I'm really glad I was able to take the day off and go with Austin. I'm lucky to have a job that lets me take time off for fun things like this.