Monday, June 4, 2012

Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump Around!

Now that summer is here, we decided to splurge and get a trampoline.  We're hoping it will keep the kids in our yard a little more so they're not running around the neighborhood as much.
It was quite a process to put it together.

Everyone helped.

Even Zoe wanted to get in on the fun.

The kids worked together pretty well.

Aaron got to do the hard part.

Abbie took a break under the tramp with Zoe.

Andrew got bored while Aaron was putting the springs on.

Austin wasn't quite strong enough to stretch the spring but he sure tried.

He was pretending he was the monkey from the Lion King.

After getting the springs on, Aaron just wanted to sit back and put his feet up.

The kids sure love Zoe.

Andrew and Abbie couldn't wait to jump!

Andrew's turn with Zoe.

It was getting dark when we finally got the safety net up, but that didn't stop them.

Andrew had fun rolling around in a ball while Abbie and Austin jumped.

He's still getting bounced around like a ball.

I love the action shots!

Go, Austin!

All afternoon today, the kids were either splashing in the little pool or jumping on the trampoline.  It wore them out!

First Day of Summer Vacation

 June 1 was the first day of summer vacation.  The kids didn't sleep in, of course.  They pulled the pool into the front yard, filled it up, and splashed away.

So starts the months of long days, messy kids, a messy house, bored kids, late nights, weekly trips to the library, outings to the park, sunburn, neighbor kids running through the house, temper tantrums, fighting kids, tears, yelling, laughing, movies, swimming, and one exhausted mom.